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Thread: Favorite fruit?

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    my favorite fruit are the strawberries, cucumber, oranges, apples, bananas, & mangos. I love fruits!! Not only because they are healthy, its because they taste so good!
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    i like watermelons,pineapples,coconuts and mangos

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    I like strawberries and blueberries.

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    I like strawberries.


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    my favourite fruit would definitely be either Watermelon, peach, grapes or maybe tomato? I once cut watermelon into a hello kitty shape using hello kitty cookie cutters and did that for loads of other fruits that can easily be cut and made an amazing hello kitty fruit saladhttp://forum.sanriotown.com/image.php?u=31&type=sigpic&dateline=1299611097

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    This thread is old XD;

    If it counts, mcdonalds apple dippers. Those are pretty much sliced apples (though they add calcium and vitamin C to keep them fresh...buut i doubt thats too bad XD) and i usually eat them without the caramel dip anyways.

    Kinda, currently, a fav food for me.

    ^_^ (cept i don't always like regular apples a lot o-0 its weird...the skin is annoying to bite into though >_<; BUT! apple dippers just don't have that^^ XD)

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    i love watermelon,apples and cherry

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    i love mango!!!!!!!!! anyone else?

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    ooooooo o.o I like mango but my favorite pomegranate mmmmm... :d

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    Blueberries (especially my grampie's! He has 6 fields and he grows them and then sells them all over North America, I think, and they're the BEST blueberries I've ever had!)
    Honey Crisp Apples
    Green Seedless Grapes

    and many more. I just love fruit :3

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