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Thread: Favorite fruit?

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    Oh being a vegetarian this question is so difficult.
    It used to be british braeburn apples, then mangos, then pineapples, then blueberries. Now I'm just not sure. I love nearly all fruit. If I could eat any fruit right now I'd probably pick some grapes but I wouldn't say they were my favourite.

    Too difficult
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    I love grapes, pineapple, mango, peaches, pears... Also exotic fruit like starfruit, papaya, etc(: I'm more into fruit than vegetables.

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    Well now I want to try the Mangosteen!

    For me it's bananas. I love bananas. I'm allergic to them, as well as every other fruit imaginable, but a little itching and throat swelling doesn't stop me!
    Also coconut, red apples and tomatoes. Pineapple and kiwi would be on the list, too, but that itching and swelling I can't handle, lol.

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    I love almost all fruits, it's true!!
    But much more Cherry (maraschino cherries *o*)
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    i love Oranges

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    Only one...yellow apple.

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    My favourite fruit is a banana.
    I once had a banana boat at a restraunt and believe me it was yummy.

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    Grapes, Apples and Bananas are delish!~

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    Strawberries. I LOVE strawberries.

    Oh! And pears!

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    avacado! yummmmmmy!!!!!!

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