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    Unhappy Trouble checking my mail

    Is anyone else having trouble getting into their mail? no other features seem to be stuffing up just cant get to my emails i have 2 accounts and have tried them both...

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    none of my text is showing up for me can anyone else see what ive posted?? :'(

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    I'm having the same issue, when I click "check mail" nothing happends, the page just reloads itself.

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    Same here... such a hassle because I use my Sanrio mail on facebook and I just tried to reset my password there. Now, I can't retrieve it because I can't access my mail. Arggghhh!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by faketheway@hellokitty.com View Post
    I'm having the same issue, when I click "check mail" nothing happends, the page just reloads itself.
    me too.

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    it's currently working for me. I don't know your timezones, but the E-Mail system may have been affected by maintenance at the time you tried to access it.
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    I'm having issues, too...It keep's telling me I have to re-activate and when I do, the site won't let the activation go in and keep's trying to make me HAVE to activate again!!

    I really hope this is fixed!! Otherwise i'm going to have to switch to using a g-mail address or something

    I'm going to check if it's still glitched up now...maybe it'll work again now that i toke a break from trying....*i hope so*

    EDIT; Never mind it was a glitch it's working again now.

    (my back-up e-mail is HikariPikachu@gmail.com though just in case i have any problums again and people want to contact me though i won't use it in case of emergancy probably)

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    I Cant Check My Email! Its Says Not Available!
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