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    Lightbulb [suggestion] Game Replay

    It's obvious that the players will need something to do once they've finished the game. Because even when/if Tokyo opens, people are likely to tear through the plot quickly. Even counting in people hunting cards for the new monsters and getting higher levels, eventually people will (again) hit the end of what they can do in the game except talk. As well, if you look at the map, it's of limited size. So unless a new world map (with new zones and cities) is added on in the future, SanrioLand is only so big. So no matter what, as it stands now there is an end to the content. Then again, considering how long it's taking Tokyo to be released, who knows when (or even if) we hit that point.

    So my idea is this: Character reset. This would take finished players to talk to an NPC (Kitty herself is a likely choice, so I'll use the pronoun she). She would give some dialog/explanation and there should be a very large button to confirm. The game would then reset all of your skills and overall experience back to one and take back all of your keys. Having done that, she would set you on a new string of quests.

    These would be able to be much harder quests to complete ("You must defeat Pyrodon with a herring, er, this specific lower level cheer wand!"). After all we have probably made extra food and materials along the way and know very well how the game is played. That would make the regular quests too easy for us. We could also get a further story/plot to the game.

    An secondary advantage of this would be that the programers wouldn't have to code in new maps, resources, NPC's, etc. Just the new quests and possibly some new items.

    The problem comes in two places. First off, there's the issue of not being able to plant on a farm lower than your planting level. But if we reset our farms down in level, we might lose our houses (which definitely wouldn't be fair to those of us who have the high level houses bought from the IM). So that would need to be addressed (keeping our farming level at 8 or letting us have multiple houses- unlocking an option to put a different house on each farm- for example).

    The second is one that is a problem already. Say it with me: we need more storage. Some people already have one or more "mule" character (characters made only for use of an additional warehouse and aren't ever played) because their main character(s) warehouses are so full. A second set of quests would make that worse. Putting the option to buy extra storage pages in the IM (hopefully with both SLP ans SCP both, but I know many of us would settle for it just being one or the other) would be hugely popular. You could set a limit on how many we could have, but that limit desperately needs to be more than it is now.

    Any ideas/problems people would like to add? I will most likely be sending this suggestion officially on via email (and not just posting it here), so I would like people's opinions.
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    It seems like an interesting choice but I would seriously cry over losing my lvls. Since I'm 2 lvls off from 35. But it would be interesting to have more side qsts and going back to all the different areas. Like we have grape seeds but yet... it was never used in game. It would be fun to use all the plants and other monsters that we really didn't pay much attention to ^^. And while we're at it... they can use all those CLOTHES that I know exists but is hidden in the deep abyss as qsts rewards! (Saw this pretty purple dress in the Thailand HKO Facebook... seriously why don't we have that dress?!).

    But good idea Aunt Dottie I hope they listen

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    I also think this is a good idea! I also hope that we get to see Tokyo some day...

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    As long as I don't loose all the stuff and pet-cards I have collected, it'd be fine with me.

    "Yes" to more storage!
    "Yes" to not losing your house when changing your farm.
    And "YES" to keeping every house you have ever built to change your choice at any time, just like you can choose one of your farm-styles at the farm-manager

    Even tough I'd really love to play through more quests I totally cannot imagine that the developers will be able to add new quests to the game HKO at this point. Coding quests isn't all that easy to do, quests are especially susceptible to bugs, and so quests always need a LOT of time to be tested thoroughly before being released...

    Before all of that should be done I'd like all the old bugs to be fixed that haven't been adressed for more than a year now. Since the developers didn't take their time to do something about those known bugs for such a long time, I cannot muster the faith in the developers adding new content to the game as well. Sorry to tell this sad truth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluerosesyn@hellokitty.com View Post
    I also think this is a good idea! I also hope that we get to see Tokyo some day...
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    Well I'm starting to understand now that this game does take time to develop but it's worth it. I started over after my character was in Beijing, and it's easier and faster once you know what you're doing. I was deciding that I shouldn't take MMORPGs so seriously including HKO. That it should be about fun, not about getting to the finish line.

    I think maybe if more people had a relaxed attitude about that, the game would be fun, like a favorite video game you play over and over again, rather than stressful. When they come out with something new, they'll come out with something new. Remember how long it took us to get New York.

    Maybe if the developer blog was kept current we could see how Tokyo is coming along, but for now I think it's important just to enjoy what we have. I've played other MMORPGs, and this one really is the best. It appeals to all levels of players, and is more about crafting, than it is about fighting monsters, as most MMORPGs tend to be.

    So what I'm saying is, just enjoy this while you have it. You'll never know when it might be gone, like Journey Into Imagination at Epcot Center. Why did you have to go change it Disney, whyyy?

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    Get yourself a new email address and start over.. Not a thing stopping you from doing it now.
    I have leveled a boy and girl character six times.. And u want me to do it again? I vote NO TY!!!
    Every MMO has ending points, including HKO. The only trouble with this one, is that expansions are pretty much nonexistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juls140217@hellokitty.com View Post
    Get yourself a new email address and start over.. Not a thing stopping you from doing it now.
    I have leveled a boy and girl character six times.. And u want me to do it again? I vote NO TY!!!
    Every MMO has ending points, including HKO. The only trouble with this one, is that expansions are pretty much nonexistent.
    The expansions take time. Do you think a game can be developed in 2 seconds?

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    Another huge strike on starting over is that many people, including me, spent a good deal of real money in this game. Since I originally had my main in international, that was commercial playing long long long before you could buy from American item mall, I have a lot of money tied up there. And I have a lot of real money tied into my US account too. Maybe you have tons of money to throw away, I sure don't, and the loss of all would be unacceptable.

    I realize expansions take time. But , since it takes pretty much an act of congress to get them to fix the errors even this existing game, new stuff feels like a dream that won't come true.
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