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    Occupy HKO, Help this noble cause.

    A long, long long ago, in a time distant from our present a dedicated group of people came together by an idea that became a goal: "To create a magical virtual world, an escape from reality that would bring joy to us all". "It's a good idea" they though, "people from all over will come and love what we've created, they will smile, laugh and play... even love and cry! For they will find a safe haven in that realm with us".

    These group of people got busy and began to work. With picks, shovels, hammers and nails, they started to build the foundations of that new world. Time passed, wars were fought, some were won, some lost, empires were born, countries were founded, conquered, and freed... While all of this went on, this hard working team finished their work, they gazed at it, examine it from every angle, front, back, profile, bottom and top. They were content with their creation, and they named it HKO.

    The creation was a success, men and women, boys and girls came to live in their creation, they filled HKO with their happiness and were grateful to the creators. It was joy all around and they all thrived in harmony.

    Then... Again years passed friends were made, guilds were formed, guild wars were fought, drama was in the air but all of that was overcome, they all loved being there and made an effort to live at ease. While all that was going on, the creators abandoned the land; the land started to fall apart, things that were loved, disappeared, then... A sour emptiness filled this realm, the creators had abandoned their goals, forgot their ideals and left them behind. The creators became a tale, the tale became a legend, the legend became myth, and the myth became a memory and the memory was forgotten. The people coped in the same way the creators did, they abandoned that wonderful place they once loved but they never forgot all of those moments they shared and hope someday they could come back and live them again.

    Until now! Anyone who feels disappointed by the downfall of the game, and want and hope the developers pay some attention to us, can join this Occupy HKO guild. Is not a goal for us to have the biggest and most popular guild, we won't be harassing players from other guilds asking them to join since this creates a lot of gossiping drama, we wont be sending random requests either. We'd like people to join because they care and would like to make one more effort, as insignificant as it may look, to get noticed by the developers so maybe they rescue the fun factor of the game. Anyone who feels identified by this idea will be welcome, if anyone is already in a guild but would like to help this cause, alternate accounts are welcome. We have created this guild with alternate accounts, anonymity is highly valued and will be respected, no need to wonder who created it. We as creators of this guild will be anonymous, if u want to join contact us at occupyhko@hellokitty.com.

    Why did we use the name "Occupy HKO"? It has nothing to do with the actual manifestations going on around the world, but rather, we were inspired to create the guild using that name thinking that people that see us would relate to the nonconformity feeling of the way HKO has been left in limbo, and the lack of communication by the developers with the fans about the future of the game. We thought having a guild in the game with that name would be a way of calling out for attention from other players and and the main reason, from the developers... If they care.

    The main objective of the guild is to be noticed by the developers and that they remember there are a bunch of fans hoping they will come to their senses and remember the full potential of this game. We are hoping that there are a lot of people out there who feels the same way.

    Rules of the guild are same as others, be respectful and friendly. We will guide players with the quests too, but the main objective of the guild is to demand attention from the HKO developers. So we are hoping older players with alternate accounts join in an attempt to rescue the game.

    This guild is in both International and US/Canada servers.

    Ideas on getting attention from devs are more than welcome. Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom.
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    I'd love to join, however, I sadly have a problem with both of my accounts. I am unable to log in, and until my problem gets fixed, I can't join. I go on both International and English servers, so that's two unless you would like my side to join as well.
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    I applaud your efforts, but am unable to join, as I am leader of my own guild on both sides. However, if you ever need any assistance, feel free to count on me to aid you in your efforts in any way I can! You can find me on both servers (usually US/C) ign - Billie.
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    Thanks for the support

    Thanks for your posts, sorry for writing back from another account, but just after posting this thread I lost control of the email account, I can't get access to it, neither in Sanriotown.com nor in HKO. Right now I'm waiting for customer service to help me with that issue.

    But we appreciate the interest you guys have shown . We had doubts doing this guild, but we are big HKO fans in our hearts and decided to give it a try.

    To Sugar Sweet Honey: On the International server we gave jemenesk the ability to invite players to the guild, so just look for him if u want to join, on the US/Canada server nobody can invite yet.

    To billieblujean: Thank you for your support , we'll gladly let you know when help is needed.

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    I've been a fan of HKO since October 2008. But the lack of development has given the impression that the owner of HKO simply doesn't really care about the game any more. For what it's worth, you can try to contact them at info@sanriodigital.com that is the e-mail address listed on the SanrioDigital.com web site, so I hope you'll get more from them than I did.

    Another suggestion would be to boycott Animoca games. That's the division/subsidiary/organization of the organization who owns HKO, and that is where all their development is being spent now. Perhaps the owner is either incapable of running multiple development teams, or just short-sighted in letting a unique IP like HKO languish. When I say "boycott" I mean not even playing the games. Even if you don't spend money on their games, just playing those games allows them to skew metrics in their favor.

    Unfortunately, they can still skew statistics in their favor, by saying that the low player population does not offer development time, but I think quite the opposite is true: the population is low because of the lack of development.

    It's the bane of every MMO since there WERE MMOs (at the risk of dating myself, I played some of the first MMOs, going back to Meridian 59, if any of you heard that name): lack of content means lack of players; lack of players means lack of revenue; lack of revenue means lack of development. But we know there is lots of content that has not been released. Tokyo is one, and possibly Moscow is even in the game. But HKO is a bit different than many other MMOs, even regular inventory changes in the item mall (rotate old out, bring new items in, make things limited-edition, etc), would attract players. We also know that there are tons of items we've not seen.

    Every time something "big" goes on in HKO, I always see tons of players. But the only reason people come out for something "big" any more is because of the lack of development. At the start of the free $100 cash deal, the population meter was in the red zone, which I've not seen since I don't know when.

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    I wanna see this succeed. I mean, I wanna see HKO succeed. I wonder if HKO devs would listen if we got a petition rolling?

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    Thanks for the info

    We need to find people willing to commit to this whole idea to give it a try. It will take more than a few of us to get the devs attention to consider pushing the game forward. Spread the word about this, this is what we need to do right now before doing anything else. There is no point on doing this if we can't prove there is at least a few hundred potential players in HKO, we wish and hope there are thousands, we truly think there are that many.

    Right now we want to know how serious people want this game. We like the game bad enough to start all this Occupy HKO guild and this thread, we want to know if there is people like us, ready to embrace this idea and keep it going and achieve something

    We will not be asking them to give us free stuff haha, if we achieve something we would be giving them revenue and we would be getting a way to entertain ourselves. The only way for them to invest on us is to prove we are worth investing in.

    We understand people have families, social and professional drama, school, friends, problems, jobs and all that stuff that comes along with being born in this planet . We have that too and yet spend a few minutes a day thinking about what could we do to make the game come back. We don't want to distract you from your lives, but when the time comes we'd like to know we have people we can count on to back up this "getting noticed" movement.

    Just sitting and complaining about the game getting lame is not going to make it better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuyoland@hellokitty.com View Post
    Right now we want to know how serious people want this game.
    Well, I've stuck around since Founders' Beta. So that should say something right there about how much I enjoy the game.That would be the reason I'm more than "annoyed" at the turn the game has taken. I was here to see just how good the game was at one point. I'd really like to see it reach that point again.

    Having said that, what's the plan? Despite how the media spun it, the main core of OWS had one. There should probably be one before gathering up people.
    HKO in game name:

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    Quote Originally Posted by auntdotti@hellokitty.com View Post
    Having said that, what's the plan? Despite how the media spun it, the main core of OWS had one. There should probably be one before gathering up people.
    The actual plan was to get some attention from them using different methods, we tried emailing them but we haven't had any answers yet, it seems the email is no longer checked hehe. We wanted to send proof to them that there is indeed a lot of people interested in playing the game. That cannot be done until they answer. We asked them in an email what would encourage them to keep developing the game and keeping it online, we also asked them in that email that if one of the reasons they froze the game is that they think the game has not a volume of people worth of their time, and we wrote if that was the case, we would like to gather as many people they think it would be worth their time. We didn't try to put them in the spotlight saying they are the main reason the game is crappy right now, even though I agree with Azog 100% hehe. We hope we can get through this in a very friendly way, we don't want to provoke anyone. And we ignore what is really going on behind their desks.

    We just came up with this "occupy" idea for HKO last week, it may take few more days to get it started. We are asking for help from everyone and we are grateful for any ideas provided.

    Creating a guild was one of the plans for this purpose, it will be like wearing an uniform, and identification that we are unhappy and we want a change. We don't have to get our main characters in the guild, we can create alternate accounts that we could use for this purpose whenever we need them. Most of us have many alternate accounts. Is not a requirement to join with their main characters as we didn't use them for the creation of the guild, but if someone is guild less they're welcome. We didn't left our guilds for this, but we are loyal to this idea which will help us all as a whole in the end.

    Many people don't read the forums so the guild it is a way to reach the ones that don't.

    Summed up this is our plan on how to get their attention:
    - To find out what the devs want and see if we can help
    - Prove to the devs that the game has a lot of potential
    - Wear the Occupy HKO "uniform" when we can in the game to gather people and get noticed as needed.
    And maybe if they see a lot of players involved with Occupy HKO, in the game guild and the forums, maybe, just maybe they will care enough to try again. Sadly we need them to answer in some sort of from too. We can't do much without them either.

    Since they haven't taken the game offline, we can think that maybe they are considering to give HKO one more try, so there might be hope. If someone has something to add would be awesome, is not common for ppl to decide to organize a movement to save a game haha.

    While we can get a hold of them, they only doable thing is to spread the word get people involved, stay together and of course gather more ideas.

    Ideas can be emailed to this email occupyhko@hellokitty.com.

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