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    Hi, LadyLyka I love the font and color you're using for your posts.

    We're off topic but @Santa: HKO will fit on and can be played from an 8 Gig memory card (which can be picked up fairly cheap) at least on a PC- so you could download the game then remove the files if you don't want to take up that much space permanately. For a Mac, I'm not sure (since you'll have to run the game through a "virtual PC" program). The files themselves are just over 4 Gig.
    HKO in game name:

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    Shalour city? :o
    My mom defenetly wouldn't approve of my using that much space.

    So unless I one day can afford my own computer if I get a job guess I won't be joining HKO afterall XD; Ahh well, I woulda loved to...
    I AM Santa123fawr

    I have a crush on Korrina from Pokemon x and y that....i feel i need to tell the whole net about cuz it's real big and stuff o.o;

    My gender is irrelevant, have a nice day now.
    And I didn't make my awesome av :3 xD

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    Hi LadyLyka, welcome!

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    hi new person and .... *sniff* bai old person..*sniff*.
    I'm inactive. Thanks for everything.

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    bye chaosvirus take care ..

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    It's been more than a month now since I took over. So far, I am having fun! Again, thank you all for the warm welcome!
    Reminder to all: Please do not post just for the sake of posting or just for making your number of posts high. Make your posts count.

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