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    probleme with beijing quest : closed for the day"

    in real, it's with rewards : mameta proposed s************s for boys like rewards, but my character is a girl, so i can't accept rewards and finish this quest !! please can somebody help me ?

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    Hello ladynears!

    The quest "Closed for the Day" from Mameta requires you to give her:

    Basic Doughnut Guide x 1
    Basic Cake Guide x 1
    Baguette Guide x 1
    Pancake Guide x 1
    Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich Guide x 1
    Fruit Pie Guide x 1

    The quest is for all, male and female players. Please make sure that your inventory has extra empty spaces for the rewards. If you encounter problems with this quest, kindly email help@hellokittyonline.com.

    Hope this helps.
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    That's a REALLY inconvenient false censor!

    Let's try this again.Here's the Wiki entry on Closed for the Day. Mameta's reward is your choice of footwear. They can be worn by girls and boys both, so you won't have to worry.
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    Correct. This quest hasn't changed at all.

    @Tacitala I decided to add a discussion page for this quest.

    @ladynears If you're in a guild, can you leave it and try to complete the quest?
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    Thank you for your answers, but, all the rewards are for boy and when I choose one of them and confirm it, the quest does not confirm, and mameta keep the small green sign above the head. I've suffising space in my inventory and I've complete all the requirements of the quest... But I'm in a guilde, i'm going to leave it and re-try.

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    No, I have to leave my guild but the problem always persists, it is horrible!

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    How frustrating. Can you take a screen capture of what it's telling you?
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    Yes i'll try

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    But how you can take a screen capture ?

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    ok, I find how take a screen capture so, it's writte in french but : "Pas transférable" means "not transferable" and "Pour Garçon" means "For boy" [IMG]20120107200619[/IMG]

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