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    Exclamation Florapolis Quests HELP

    I just completed the House building 101 quest, but now I can not find any more quest. I only have a little over 1000 friendship for Florapolis so i am missing so much but can't find any availible quests HELP

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    Please check your Quest List [Press Q] and see if you have unfinished quests. Also, please check if you still have quests left in Sanrio Harbour. That might be the reason why you have no new quests for Florapolis. Have you checked the houses and shops in Florapolis for new quests?

    For a faster response to your concern, please contact any GM online. Usually they are in Sanrio Harbour.
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    Yes I have checked all the houses and shops and have no undone quests open. I did not do the 2 group quests in Sanrio harbor are those optional ones or do I have to do them? I also did not do the coin of the animal keeper for I did not get the box set so I'm sure that one should not effect not seeing quests correct?

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    A good idea would be to double check for undone quests looking at the HKO Wiki's Florapolis and Sanrio Harbour Quests sections. See which ones you have in your complete quests log, and which ones you are still missing.
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    This is going to be a little bit of a pain... but could you take a series of screen captures of your quest lists for both Sanrio Harbour and Florapolis. I can compare it side by side with my list and see if I can work out which ones you're missing
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    On the HKO wiki you can see a list of quests for Florapolis. Find the one you completed last. Click on "next quest" It will show you the one that's next in line. Make you you meet all the requirements for that quest to begin.

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