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    I think the best thing you can do is to be honest. Sometimes it hurts but the truth doesn't have short legs as lies! So you did fine.

    It's really immature that behavior of walking away instead of facing the truth. =)
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    I'm a girl personaly if i were her i would want to hear the honest answer but at the same time i would be dissapointed to have put on a lot of make-up. Girls can kinda get offended by that next time answer differently and a little more sweet.

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    I agree with Penelope2.
    She was DEFINATLEY flirting with you!She burst into tears (clue!),Her friends hate you(Clue!),you talk alot (Clue!).
    She has probably grown to REALLY like you!
    And like Elizabeth said,you might HAVE to lie to us...for oir own good.
    But,girls think boys are confusing.You know...with your 'wierd' ways...

    I'm all so sorry to say that I won't spend the Holiday here.I will miss my friend's birthday,but I will TRY to come on.Hope you understand.Merry Christmas!
    It's a family tradition,like Thanksgiving.We go to Church everyday and pray.We are all toghether as a family and my mother would be heart-broken if I don't come.Hope you Understand!

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