So. I'm keeping busy on the game, and have been undertaking Pet Card hunting to pass the time.

So, I thought I'd offer out to everyone this. If you have a <b>regular</b> monster you've had your eye on, but just don't have the time/patience/energy to get the pet card yourself, feel free to email me with a request.

Since they come out randomly, I can't guarantee having it for you within a specific amount of time, but I do promise I'll do my best to have it for you as quickly as possible. I'll be doing this on a first come, first served basis. Once I get the card, I'll email you back and then we can find a time to meet. I'll hold cards for 2 weeks, after that, they're up for grabs from anyone. Also, I've been doing this in US/Can server, but if anyone from Int has a request, I can see if I can get it for you, too.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you soon!