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    I am half of both. I like girly and cute items and clothes. I collect Hello Kitty Items. ^_^ I play video games from my Xbox 360 and my brother's PSP lol. Im pretty good at video games.
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    I am both as well..I like cute things..but I think they'd look just drop dead .ugly on me so I dress kinda guyish, I don't like complete girly things...like pink and I enjoy nature and don't care if I have a broken nail..

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    'Never Judge A Book By It's Cover'
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    Quote Originally Posted by bernadette_chan@mymelody.com View Post
    I'm a Tomboy and pround of it!
    That's the Tomboy spirit!
    I'm inactive. Thanks for everything.

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    Tomboy and Proud!!!!

    I'm all so sorry to say that I won't spend the Holiday here.I will miss my friend's birthday,but I will TRY to come on.Hope you understand.Merry Christmas!
    It's a family tradition,like Thanksgiving.We go to Church everyday and pray.We are all toghether as a family and my mother would be heart-broken if I don't come.Hope you Understand!

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    Well, before I thought I was more of a Girly Girl, but now I'm really a Tomboy. I have a boyish voice, and feel like I want to wear dresses only in the Private. I also watch boyish shows, like Cartoon Network shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chococat110@hellokitty.com.my View Post
    Well, before I thought I was more of a Girly Girl, but now I'm really a Tomboy. I have a boyish voice, and feel like I want to wear dresses only in the Private
    I only have three dresses one is too white and I only used it during my 1st Communion, I only weared the other one on the last day of vacations, and I've never used the third one. I always wear Converse even to parties and my mom asked me if I wanted any new clothes for Christmas and instead I only asked for a sweater and a video game Even my PJ's look boyish, I combine a grey long-sleeved shirt with a black short-sleeved shirt and blue pants! For parties I wear jeans and Converse and I never listen to a single song my sister listens to.

    I grew up mostly with my brother I guess that's why I'm a tomboy. My sister is trying to make me a girly girl like her but I can't she didn't speak to me much when I was growing up so it's too late for her to change my likes
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    ❣Kαwαїї Aηїღ℮❣ penguin_club_98@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    I am a super girly girl! I <3 pink & cute things! I like anime, cute cupcakes, flowers, bunnies, wear loads of dresses, comb my hair pretty everyday, but my twin is a super tomboy!

    I also <3 hearts & HK!
    Enjoy every cupcake! *nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*

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    I guess I'm half and half...

    Girly girl facts:

    - I love cute things, flowers, Hello Kitty, pink colour... (sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...)
    - I like wearing skirts and dresses.
    - I keep my hair long.
    - I'm kinda romantic.

    Tomboy facts:

    - I never wear high heels or women s************s; just Converse.
    - I never wear makeup.
    - I hardly wear jewelry.
    - I like Adult Swim shows. XD

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    sanriotown :)
    i'm a girl and if you'are a tomboy it's not bad... cause we all have freedom on what we are and be who you want and laugh how you want cause it's not our problem if theres any people who don't want who we are... it's not our problem but it is their problem...
    keep calm
    and love
    hello kitty

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    ♥♥☆ςยtє & คฬєร๏๓є☆♥♥ natalia88288@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    I am half girly and tomboy.
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