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Thread: Japan

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    I am happy with this event as well

    I understand that this really won't give that much donation in cash to the victims in Japan but Hello Kitty is one of those that represent Japan. When you say Hello Kitty, you think of Japan. And by players keeping this game alive is like showing Japan our support somehow. Probably not that big of a voice but the diversity in the HKO community shows that we can have harmony in a game.

    I honestly don't need the bear coz I have one from the Item mall. I just want to help in my own little way. I am playing this game in between my duties as a mommy.

    Since they did not release new items at the IM, another way to help out thru cash coins is by buying farming buffs. That's what I have been doing. Makes the job easier as well.

    I won't even demand to see the result after the event. To me, this is more of a moral support. Young players who don't have the means to give real money to donate, can play during the event with thoughts in their minds that they are helping Japan. That's good enough for me. Because as a parent, I would love for my children to be selfless and to be compassionate.

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    Ah, these are very nice thoughts
    Auf meinem Blog http://blog.sanriotown.com/eveaustria:hellokitty.com/ findet ihr Tips für HKO-Spieler. Darunter Fundorte aller Rohstoffe (mit Stufe/Level), Standorte aller NPCs & Monster (mit Level), Pet-Werte (auch Bosse), und eine deutschsprachige Anleitung fürs Bloggen auf Sanrio-Town

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    All your ideas are great

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    Anything HKO does to help Japan, I will be glad to help!!

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    Yeah they should!!!!!
    And we could get money for it

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    Good idea! Hello Kitty is Japan, and a whimsical part of their culture that we all need to remember right now. The people of Japan (and the whole world for that matter) need to be reminded that the happiness and innocence that our sweet little kitty represent can be a real comfort in trying times like these.


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    Aunt Dotti's suggestion is good, if indeed the HKO developer can spare some time on it as the Part 2 of the eartquake event is on-going.

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