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Thread: Doctor Who

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeuphoria@mymelody.com View Post
    Oh, Matt is nice, I will agree. It's not his fault. I was only pointing out that it was when he started because that's about when Moffat began officially writing for the show. To me, it just changed and the Doctor was just dumbed down a bit. I agree, it has gotten a bit melodramatic whereas before it was like a huge dramatic sequence and then everything was okay for a bit.
    Oh, then sorry for misconstruing your comment :$

    Yes, I quite agree with everything you said, but I think it's also pressure from the BBC board, I'm sure I read somewhere that they were saying Doctor Who should be more family friendly...
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    Hmm... not so much. I'd watch something more kiddie-ish. It sounds a bit creepy.......
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