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    May 2013
    I wrote a couple of stories.
    But I get Writer's Block, so they're not that good in my opinion.

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    Jun 2014
    Somewhere in Neverland
    I write fanfiction a lot, though only two have been published, and they've gotten excellent reviews and that's helped me keep on writing, y'know, when people enjoy the stories.
    Girls love girls and boys
    Love is not a choice.

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    Dec 2014
    Grand-Métis, Quebec, Canada
    Writing is my only talent but sadly I have not written anything in more than one decade.
    If you fall, I'll be there. - Floor

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    Sep 2015
    North caralina(it's pretty boring,the only good thing we got is carawinds)
    I try to write but I get writer's block before I can finish and start another project.I have to good ideas but I don't know how to write them
    Hey! I'm just your everyday average otaku. I watch anime and read manga mostly. I was formally know as starrham25 but I think it was two years ago that I spent all my gold on clothes..I was dumb okay \(. ___.)/ Anyway I go by AlpacaChan and I play on the international server. I hope that we can be the best of friends

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