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    HELP PLS: i lost my gathering tool!!!

    i lost my gathering tool!!!
    any suggestions?


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    sorry, i mean planting tool. i speak german

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    You will either have to make a new one or (if the one you lost is the Newbie one) you will have to PM a GM and let them know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feeva@hellokitty.com View Post
    sorry, i mean planting tool. i speak german

    In HKO, we do not have planting tools. We only have the following:

    Gathering Tools - usually called scissors
    Mining Tools - usually called pickaxe
    Woodcutting Tools - usually called axe

    Please let us know what tool you're referring to and how you lost that certain tool.

    You can also talk to the GM in-game for instant assistance.

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