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    My Pet Could of Died, unfairly!

    I bought a new laptop and re-installed the client. One the problems I had was that my pet was present but never appeared on screen. The problem I had with this was that my pet could was uncomfortable and hungry. I did manage to feed my pet but it wasn't comfortable. I couldn't pet and comfort it because the client was downloading and installing, the pet didn't load and appear. It was summoned but it didn't appear on my screen and I couldn't access the commands to put away my pet.

    I think this is a huge flaw because I know it's there, I knew it would run away and the client allowed this to happen. It was beyond my control and a bit unfair to allow me to lose a pet. I taken a screen print of how my screen appeared.

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    Poor thing!

    I'm inactive. Thanks for everything.

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    Your pet must be one of those not yet part of the patch you have already downloaded. Please do not log on to HKO until the whole game client has been downloaded. In the meantime, you can download the game using "Patch Now" and let it download on its own without logging on to the game. Your pet is safe if you stay offline from the game.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    I didn't know... I think it nice downloading the client as I play the game but I think an icon for my pet to let me know that my pet was there would of helpped even thou the other files weren't there.
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    i went to do something for 15 mins to take my chemo pill and when i get back my pet has vanished how is this fair it was so well tooken care of at leval 5 how can you expext children to check their pets every 3 seconts and now its gone forever and i can not get another pet. how could me getting my chemo punish me by takeing away my well tooken care of pet. just for 15 mins do you expect every single person to never have a reason to walk away from the comp?

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