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    Why I was confused, my lvl 4 farm never shown up!

    I think it's a no brainer anyways but I thought I'll just post it anyways!

    I've been playing for almost a few months now, I understand that doing stuff has it's restrictions based on the skill levels and equipping items are based on this.

    What I'm use to getting it feedback regarding using items and equipping them.

    So items like gathering tools and etc must be used if I got to a certain level ie, Being level 8 means I can equip level 8 items but not level 12, the game clearly tells me this has I try to equip them or learn guides and etc...

    Here's what happened when my skill is too low.

    With the farms, it's a different story, I went to the store and bought a farm and got the item and used the unlock the farm and I went to the Farm Manager and found that I couldn't access it.

    I waited to see if the servers were jammed and it would appear but nothing happened. I later realized that it's the same story with the skill levels.

    Why couldn't the client give me a message telling me my farming level was too low?

    I noticed that there loads of information like this, posted around the forums (and I'm thankful for that) but I thought the client knew better and I would of kept it the farm certificate in my storage or whatever.
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    Yea, this is kind of a common complaint. There's no real indicator that your farm certificate is tied to your planting skill. You can buy it and use it at any time, but I'm not sure if the Farm Manager even tells you if you try to activate it when you don't meet the requirements.

    By the way, I see you're still muted? Hasn't anyone unmuted you yet? You've been muted for over a month, at least.

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    Yeah, I'm still muted... I don't know if they'll ever unmute me but I can only keep playing and keep posting reports on flaws on HKO. I suppose better safe then sorry!

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    Usually the requirements are not that hard to understand. For example in this case:


    I have mentioned:


    Level 4 farm - level 4 planting skill
    Level 8 farm - level 8 planting skill

    To level up your planting skill, plant more seeds in your farm."

    If you have bought the farm certificate and activated it already at lower planting skill level, you can still access it later on when your skill level is enough or higher than the requirement by talking to the Farm Manager again.

    As for the tools, the item description identifies the type of skill it's related to. The requirement:

    Level of Skill = Level of Tool

    In short, the level requirement for a certain tool/recipe/item/cert is NOT the character level.

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    I would like to thank you for your support, I'm simply posting that the client should give the reminder regarding farms and how farming skill effects the items limits, like the client does with other items like production guides and tools in the game world.

    I am looking forward to a patch (if ever) to patch this up and I know it patches in HKO don't appear overnight.

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