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Thread: Visual Kei

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    Cool Visual Kei

    I'm listening to a japanese music genre that's called Visual Kei (or VK for short). It's kind of like rock and most of the Vk is in the apparell of the members of the band.
    My favourite bands are:
    - Alice Nine
    - Versailles
    - Girugamesh
    - Gackt
    Please feel free to discuss VK in this thread or message me for personal chat

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    omg i love alice nine too!!!

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    GACKT! *droolz*(and Hyde <3 )

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    Question Visual Kei

    does anyone here listen to any visual kei? some groups that i listen to are Royz, Girugamesh, DIAURA, NIGHTMARE, SuG, NeGa, the GazettE, BORN, and a few others. ^__^

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    I like the band Dir En Grey, although they are increasing straying from the visual kei scene.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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    I like Exist Trace and D'espairsray. I didn't like how Exist Trace has gotten more pop, and how D'espairsray's music had more pop influences at the end.
    The Gazette's Division album songs have just released on the Internet, but I haven't gotten a chance to listen to many songs. I kind of miss their older, wilder songs. They've adopted more techno, too. I'm actually listening to Dripping Insanity from the new album as I type this post.
    I like Cinema Bizarre which has influences from Visual Kei considering that all members are weeabos.
    Versailles is in that unique genre of symphonic metal, and I kind of like it. Kamijo's voice has gotten weaker. Well, he is getting pretty old.
    I'm no weeaboo or anything like that, but I do like some Visual Kei.

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