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    how do u earn money?

    what the title says

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    The easiest and most natural way is to just keep doing quests.

    If you're feeling poor and just want more money, spend some time gathering things and selling them. Sounds like you're new, probably still in Sanrio Harbor, so go gather bunches of Clover and sell them off. You can go into your farm and plant bunches of Potato to sell off, too.

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    Depends where you are in the game If you are starting I would do every quest in Sanrio Harbor and Floraoplis. anything you do not need can be sold. When farming once can sell the crops but also withered leaves and caterpillars. another source is as one completes various quest, one can have the opportunity on some quest to clothes that offer better protection. Once can resell some old clothing for cash.

    Making items can be resold; do check the HKO guide to see what item offer the best profit.

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