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    The Anime Bunny ^^
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    Why I live on Earth, of course!

    What are your favorite forum games in Sanriotown? :)

    My favorite forum games are:
    I ban you because...
    The Yes or No game
    Yucky or Yummy Game! (locked)
    The Sanriotown Guessing game (locked)

    What are your favorite forum games?
    I'm going to leave. I might visit again, so I'm leaving this signature as it is.
    Leaving Date (confirmed): December 26, 2013
    HKO Ingame name: Kitty_12

    I play on both servers. Need any help? Well, you can ask me for help! ^_^ I also play on Club Penguin and Bearville.

    However, I don't always use Kitty_12~ sometimes, you can find me playing my alt account. *wonders if I should tell my al- oh, I'll just tell.

    Alt Account ingame name: -Madoka-

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    'Never Judge A Book By It's Cover'
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    All but not Two peas in a pot!Its to hard>.<
    I'm inactive. Thanks for everything.

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