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    I WANT TO EAT IT!!! On second thought, maybe I don't. It's just too cute! Your baby is very lucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allenpasweet@hellokitty.com View Post
    i bought a cinnamoroll cake for my baby's 2nd month birthday!!
    I wish Sanrio made more Cinnamoroll cakes and other cakes Sanrio themed.
    Cinnamoroll and his friends will all ways give you a smile when your in a sad mood.

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    Red face happy birthday

    tell your baby i said happy birthday

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    a nice home full of memorys.
    mmm! i want one for my 13th birthday! where can i get one?
    im a tomboy who is lovely. ♪

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    Itz totally mouthwatering nd cute<3

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    wow... so cute =)

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    So cute! My aunt made me a hello kitty cake last year. It was adorable but fondant frosting is just... no.

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    Very cute!
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