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Thread: Nose acne?

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    Nose acne?

    Gahh! I've got HORRIBLE nose acne (I where glasses). Does anybody known of anything that will help it go away? Ps. I ha use soap and water to wash my face every-night but it doesn't make my acne go away.
    Pps. My mom wont let me get contacts.
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    You have nose acne because your nose is greasy. I have sort of the same problem, only that because of my genes I really don't get acne (it's really freaky, if you see pics of me as a teenager XP)

    You need to buy a make-up remover because that stuff is kind of strong and apply it every night on your nose. That'll take care of the extra grease on your nose and should sort out your acne problem. Partially. You'll also need a cream for acne, but I can't really give you pointers with that, and you should apply it every morning (I don't care if the cream says at night, because your nose is greasy you're going to have to clean your nose well and good every night so no greasy stuff like creams).

    Don't eat too much greasy stuff, don't drink alcohol (you shouldn't anyway, but alcohol makes you produce fat and grease), don't eat chocolate, try eating more veggies and less red meat (for some reason it helps...), be disciplined with your skincare routines and your nose should get through your teenage years just fine
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    Clean the little nose-rest-thing on your glasses, the part that touches your nose. Sometimes it can have bacteria or other icky stuff that isn't good for your skin. Use a little bit of soap and water, or alcohol.
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    Plain soap is very harsh on one's skin; it strips away the natural oils and dries it out. I would suggest getting a gentle facial cleanser and washing your face every night with it. Never sleep in your makeup and moisturize twice a day, it prevents wrinkles and keeps your skin looking great!

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    I agree with charlotte..Soap drys the skin and takes away needed oils. I used a baking soda mask but I would not suggest that for a fragile face. I had the same problem with my nose and the baking soda mask burned it like crazy, it hurts horribly but it makes your skin soft in the morning. Maybe do a gentle honey mask or a rose mask. Those are soft but don't work as well. Don't scrub to hard either but also know dear that beauty hurts. If you want to be pretty putting on a face mask might hurt but sometimes take it easy. The results will be beautiful dear.

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    you should use neutrogena or Vichy
    for you face, it works for me or if you want something natural go to a Lush store near you, they have good things there

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    you can try to exfoliate yourself everyday with specific creams for that =)
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