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    I'm the complete opposite of my family

    I don't like the same things my parents, sister, brother, and cousins like!
    When we go shopping, my sister buys girly girl clothes and rings and necklaces and high footwear, I just buy a plain shirt with colors near blue, green or purple and very little drawings and my parents say "Are you sure you want to buy that??" but I know that in their mind they're saying "It looks bad, buy these girly girl clothes". When I buy footwear, my parents say "Look at these! They're cute!" and I look at them and they have a HUGE flower at the tip, which I hate and they know it, then I look and sneakers and they say, yet again "Are you sure you want to buy that??". I wear more pants and my mom and sister wear more dresses and skirts. I don't like makeup and they are ALWAYS wearing makeup even if they're just going to the store to buy juice! I like not so long and not so short hair and everyone else either has very very long hair or very very short hair. I like romantic songs and everyone else likes rock music. Sometimes I think that everyone hates the clothes I wear because they're not bright colored, but my friends tell me I look good.

    Does anyone else feel this way?

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    Me!I dont like shopping,anyway.

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    Hell yes. I ain't anything like my mom. Or my grandmas. Or every female relative close to me.

    I really like girly girl clothes; but because I have a big butt and chest, small waist, and kind of a flabby tummy, I tend to be more "classic" when I dress because modern clothes don't really agree with me much. And I'm very picky, I know that lots of prints or too bold are going to make me big and I don't really like stuff that shows cleavage because it makes me look like a h00ker and so on...

    And then they drag me and show me stuff. «Loo‎k at this! Don't you like it?» and they know I won't. They want me to try new cuts and prints and such. I'm not big on trying new cuts and prints. I have lots of different types of fashion but I don't really have that much different stuff.

    And I hate shopping, plus I shop like a man would (I make a mental list of what I need in my wardrobe, and stick to that list) and I'm not big on spending money (difficult childhood, thanks!). So I can't really get on with most girls shopping.
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    i'm kinda girly my friends think i'm super girly and my mom and grandmother think i am not girly so i'm confused

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