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    'Never Judge A Book By It's Cover'
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    Exclamation Friday: The Thirteen!!!!!!Ahhhh!X_X

    Friday is the Thirteen!
    Have you ever heard the legend?...:
    One night,a Man went into the woods.He set up his tent and began to camp.
    He went to bed,Not to late that night.It was said to be the 12.Next Day.He
    Woke up,like always and set up a fire.He camped until the night.He went to bed.
    At 11:59 PM,he heard a sound,like a lost and anry soul.It came in the tent.=0 it came closer
    Then,it grabbed something and killed the man.It was never known what/who ki-
    Lled him.And he was never seen again.Legend has it,If you go camping
    On the 13, the soul will come back,and kill you.
    I don't belive it,But there's nothing exiting,so i stay in,unless I wanna hang out with my girls.Are
    You scared?Don't be ashamed.I used to be,Until i saw it's tottaly impossible a sol woukd wanna be in
    A camp/section.
    I'm inactive. Thanks for everything.

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    Not relley I used 2 b wen I waz youngr! BTW, on da 13th it's meh little bro's bday! I'm totally xcitd 4 him

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    I don't believe in that... there are things more important to worry about than an old ghost story used to scare kids! Nothing has ever happened, why would it happen until now?!

    In Mexico, they believe in Tuesday the 13th, it's kinda the same (I think...) but I still don't believe in that.

    Worry about the living!

    Never Give Up... Follow Your Dreams... Believe In Yourself... Learn From The Past... Save The Future... Live The Present... Take Risks... Enjoy Each Second Of Life... Help Others And Share Smiles... Live Life As It Comes... Bring Peace... Laugh... Be Happy... Cry... Forgive...
    Love... Dream... Live... Care... Smile...


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    First time I've actually read it. I sort of knew about it before.

    Quote Originally Posted by londonluv86@hellokitty.com View Post
    In Mexico, they believe in Tuesday the 13th, it's kinda the same (I think...) but I still don't believe in that.

    That's in all of the Spanish-speaking world. Tuesday the 13th is an especially BADBADBAD day to do anything, but tradition says that every Tuesday ever is basically a bad day: En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques ni de tu casa te apartes; that is, In Tuesday, don't marry nor travel not even stay far from your house. In other words don't start anything important on a Tuesday!!!!!

    It's because Martes (Tuesday) was the day consecrated to the Roman god of War, Mars, and since he was violent it was deemed a bad day to start something!

    Never believed in either.
    ~You've to take your life how it comes. Your life, it's only one.
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    on our way of living ghost are true! i saw last time ^_^

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