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    Question Have U Evr Met A Celeb?

    I did well u probably dnt know him he used 2 b married w/t J.Lo nd he is a coreagrapher his name is Chris Judd so ya wat abot u?

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    I cannot think of anybody terribly famous I have met.
    I have met Halim El Dabh, a fairly reputable avant-garde composer.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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    i've met jeff bernat (youtube singer) XD
    and i've also met happyslip (youtube person) and aj rafael (another youtube singer).. they're not terribly known though~
    my name is gemayne.
    i enjoy korean boy bands and cute little bunnies.

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    i met Jamie Harding on April 24th 2006 in New York. he is sweet heart.

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    Zac Efron. I wasn't even looking for him. He was at this resturant I went to with my hubby and e was coming out of his car. I was mad though because we couldn't leave until he left outside...
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    2 people from Big Brother Australia 2007.

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    Celebrities are human beings who deserves to be able to live life normally so when I see one (almost never happened) I do not bother them. I once got an autograph from a Hockey player (Pat Jablonski) but that was after a practice opened for the fans (when my team was Montreal) and that was when he came back for that. I also when young went to an autograph session and was able to meet Nathalie Simard like that. The one time I saw a celebrity out and about was Saku Koivu (he was shopping - that was when he was still with Montreal and not playing due to a cancer) and I was for sure excited (then i was not following that team but he was still a favorite of mine) but I let him be (i had an awesome and funny line i could of told him but even that i did not do it).
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