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    Cannot purchase Cash for the Item Store with credit card & Ultimate Game Card

    I was trying to post this before, then I just realized now that I never put my age in my profile, so I couldn't access the forums because the system thought I was younger than 13, or whatever the age required you need to be to post on here.

    I can't purchase Item Store cash with my credit card, or the Ulitmate Game Card. Is it that the HKO prepaid card is the only way to pay for Item Store items now? It's kind of hard to find, not that I've checked Target or anything, only looking online. Also, kind of weird getting it at Gamestop, but only because I've had bad experiences with some jerks who had worked there that was like "You play kiddy games, haw haw!" There's a cool guy that works there who understand what I like now.

    So, I can't get what I want from the Item Mall as it's difficult to pay for the Cash, that's my problem here. I hope this can be resolved soon. I took a break from HKO for a long time, and after playing some other MMORPGs I came to realize how unique and fun HKO is!

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    You can purchase Sanrio Cash Points online via this link:

    http://hellokittyonline.com/shop/payments [click Online Payment]

    If you are experiencing difficulties in buying the points using this method, please email payments@hellokittyonline.com and provide the necessary information regarding the problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    I did click online payment, every time I try to access it it says...well I'll be, it's up now. O_o

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