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    Wink Manicure/Pedicure

    Hi evry1! Post some of ur favs on manicure nd pedicure! If i like it I might use ur idea nd if it wrks on me I'll will post a msg here 2 tell u wat happen! Thx

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    Do you like these ones?

    ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤ Piquina_desu ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤

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    OMG!!!!!! I totally do!!!!! do u know how 2 make them?

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    Well I saw them and HERE'S a step by step tutorial!!

    ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤ Piquina_desu ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤

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    Thx! *remember ppl any1 can post manicures from utube or homemade*

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    Wow I've made them today and I'm so happy they look so cute! My cam is broken though =( but I've followed this tutorial:


    I hope you find it easy to make =D
    ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤ Piquina_desu ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤

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    Thx I put it on my Utube watch l8r

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    Red face nails

    hey i got nails they are french tip with pink glitter

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