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    HKO Rules of Chat

    Ahoy Hello Kitty Online players! We would like to remind everyone about the rules of chat in-game.

    The following are not permitted:

    * Use of profanity or obscene language
    * Spamming or flooding in any channel
    * Illegal transactions
    * Advertising or promoting games (except HKO or SanrioTown games)
    * Threatening anyone
    * Asking and giving of personal information
    * Impersonating a GM or other players
    * Non-English general chat (you may use whatever language you want in your guild channel and private channels, but chat that is seen by non-guild players must be in English)

    Doing any of the above will result in muting, time-out room or even banning, so please follow the rules to avoid problems.

    See you in game!

    The Hello Kitty Online Team
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