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    I had to finish mine in around 7 hours because I don't know about the time difference and we only have one computer for the whole family! I did everything very fast but I'm happy I tried

    When will the winners be announced?

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    Hola Pink Rose 98! I'm sure you did great! =D

    Please answer us ingame_mop we're very anxious lol hehe
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    We'll post the winners soon guys ^_^. Sorry about the lack of response and because of that, we'll accept entries whatever size they may be.

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    Congratulations to the winners! (1/2)

    Thanks to everyone who participated! It was tough choosing among the entries but we ultimately picked our 5 favorite designs out of the bunch.




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    Congratulations to the winners! (2/2)



    Something was wrong and the system won't accept your entry so I had to convert it to .png ^_^.

    Thanks again to everyone who participated! The winners will receive their prizes shortly after. We hope you showed (and keep showing ^_^) your mom how much you love her!

    The Hello Kitty Online Team

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    Congratulations to all winners!!
    ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤ Piquina_desu ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤

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    Congrats to everyone who won!

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