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    Question What Should I Do?

    I haven't seen my BFF from elementary school since the day we graduated, I really miss her and we haven't called each other for months. I don't have Facebook, Messenger or any other account where I could contact her except this e-mail and the other day I was looking through my notebooks from last year and saw that she had written her e-mail at the back of my notebook.
    The last year of elementary school, she started to be very mean and she wouldn't talk to me much during recess or any other time we were at school and we had a lot of fights between each other and our friends, she made new friends and didn't listen to me much, but she's the first real friend I made when I arrived at Mexico and she used to be nice.
    I want to invite her to my 1st Communion in June but I don't know if she's still mean but last time she called me she didn't sound so mean and she sounded like she missed me. I know maybe she just wanted to try new friends and a new personality on the last year just like I wanted to try to have new friends on my first year of middle school (but it didn't work out well for me, who knows if it didn't work out well for her either and she's not mean anymore?). The only things I can use to contact her is trying to send an e-mail to her to see if she still has the same e-mail or to look for my phone book from last year. Should I contact her or not?

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    I thnk u shuld. Mayb she acted mean 2 b all ''BAD'' blieve me @ my skool there's alot of gurls who do tat. Anyways, ask her y she's mean 2 u nd not by calling u tat she's not mean. Mayb there's somethng wrong w/t her 2 home or she's trying 2 b all bad. There can b many possibilities. But if u r determind 2 find out ASK HER! B brave! @ least it's bettr than asking urself "Wat if?'' Good Luck!

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    Contact her. Even if she's still mean, you two went through a lot. Good friendships stand the test of time. One of my friends also went through a mean phase and we're all right now, the worst that can happen is that she rejects you.
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    Contact her. Some people try to "fit in", and sometimes "fitting in" means copying the bullies or popular. Your friend will probably act nicer in private.
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    Mabye you should ask her why she's being mean. Usually if they do something silly once it' s some silly reason, but when they do something silly twice, it's to be quote on qoute "popular" or "special". She's probably been picking up some bad habits. Sometimes people are mean to get attention, yet the wrong type of attention.
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