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    Simple Casual Outfit - HKO NEW Outfit Design

    [B]Hello everyone! I came up with the idea of making HKO clothes designs, as long as I can I will be posting the pictures over here.

    I hope you like them and I wish someday maybe a developer could consider my creations to use them in the future, I'm willing to give the source files for development and get clothes items updated. I'm not the best but I try everyday =)

    I even made a preview in-game hehe With love for everybody! So here it goes!

    The Party Set

    Gym Casual Outfit

    Fall Princess Outfit

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    Just hope it doesn't turn into another Designer Depot. It did take a long time to get finished.
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    The items look lovely, Piqui! I would love to wear them
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    Oh you're always so beautiful with me love youu dream!!!
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    YAY... wonderful friend! I made long ago some design, but I'm ashamed to show them. your clothes are beautiful!

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    aww please don't be ashamed!! Please you can show them to me I would really love to see them =D! Thank you so much for your nice reply!! =) <3
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    Very Unique! I Like The Gym Causal Outfit The best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foofle887@mymelody.com View Post
    Very Unique! I Like The Gym Causal Outfit The best.
    Thank you so much!!! =DD
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