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    Wink Billboard Music Awards

    Everyone 2morrow is the Billboard music awards! So plz make sure u voted 4 ur fav singer b/c they might win!

    Note: PLZ! Vote 4 Katy Perry she's been through alot l8ly oh especially The Wanted! They deserve 2 win!!!!

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    Wow this is great I love music! I voted for Katy Perry too =)
    ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤ Piquina_desu ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤

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    Gr8 remeber lets not 4get The Wanted

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    oh right I almost forgot! lol
    ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤ Piquina_desu ✿.❤❀.❤.✿.❤

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