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    I'm stuck on connecting to server screen too. Been stuck on it since last night. Any solutions?

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    still doing it. can i get a patch please? i can actually get in game about once every hundred trys..also plants. still misnamed. I'm in international server

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    The plants being misnamed was reported months ago.

    Did you just install HKO? Try letting patch now run for hours.
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    i'll try it

    I'll try it on my fiance's computer. but i already ran the patch on my laptop and am still having the server connecting problem, in fact at times, not even sanrio town will come up and all other sites will,and my profile never seems to update..

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    Aww, I'm getting the perpetual "Connecting to server" thing too. :/ Bleh. Will I lose everything if I reinstall?

    *Edit- Yay, finally working for me!
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    noooo!!! i just got in. i accedently closed it, now i'm stuck on the connecting to serevr screen again! i've been trying ot get in for teh last 6 hrs! i want to cry

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    Same here... after 30 mins, it's still "Connecting to server..." :'(
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    "Connecting to Server.." Help.

    Someone help me. I've tried logging in several times already, and the "Connecting To Server.." box is taking forever. I also got it fully patched, so I don't see what the problem would be.

    It was fine at first, but while in-game, everything froze. So I closed the game. & when I tried logging back in, the problem occurred.
    Does anyone know how to fix this? I've seen others with the same problem, but I haven't found a solution.

    EDIT:: Yay! I was able to get past the "Connecting to Server.." box. However, I'll let someone know if the problem occurs again :')
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    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for reporting. All posts regarding the "Connecting to Server" problem are merged here. Please stick to this thread if you are still encountering the same error/s. The team is looking into this issue as of the moment. Please stay tuned for updates.
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    coonectign to server screen of doom 2

    yep this again. every single day. i patched it completely,and I'm not the only one with this problem.i get in maybe once every hundred tries. sometimes i go six hours without being able to get it

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