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Thread: i need help

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    Question i dont know to wear in the summer

    i need help to find what to wear in the summer time. what should i do?
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    You should get some zip up sandles, bright shorts,and a white fllowly shrit! Hope this helps!

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    I have these nice white shorts and this strap shirt blouse with beautiful print on it. I usally wear those with flip-flops. If it is a nicer area I wear this nice flower skirt and a purple low shoulder top and a nice pair or brown strap looking stilleto heels. It is fab looking and great for the hot summer weather. Hope this helps deary!
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    Maybe a short sleeved top?

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    U shuld wear short shorts or shorts. Or if ur a girly girl u shuld wear a skirt. Wear a cute flowy tank-top but wear over a jean-jacket 2 make it look cute nd stylish. Or if ur 2 hot 2 wear a jean jacket wear somethng casual like a plain white tee or a shirt tat might b comfy 4 u. XOXO

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    Light, airy cotton! It'll keep you cool cool in the heat. Maybe with a big, floppy straw hat to protect your face from the sun, especially if you don't like putting sun screen on your face, and you don't have SPF makeup.
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    It is very HOT this summer. I don't know where u r but it's hot in the south! What u should wear is a cami and a loose tank top w/ shorts and flip flops! Old Navy has them for $5!

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    Personally i like to wear dresses and shorts in the summer when it's warm.

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    heres something you may want to do for the summer.i would suggest you wear something bright and colorful with flip flops or sandles would look cute put your hair in a ponytail or some kinda cute braid. if you want anymore fashion tips just email me my email is hellohellokittygirl@hellokitty.com.

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    I suggest this ;

    and this;

    and this;

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