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    I need help! So there is this guy at school that i absoulty <3, no joke! But he is always talking about this other girl that he is going to ask out next year. I need help, how can i make him notice me, not just as a friend? HELP!

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    I thnk u shuld move on. Becuz he likes tis other gurl so much since he making da 1st move 2 tat gurl, it's best if u shuld move on. Besides u can't make da 1st move da boys shuld make da 1st move. I'm srry

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    First you need to wave and say hi and bye and talk to him just a little. You can't expect him to notice you just because your THERE dear lol.

    Be calm. Don't get freaky on the poor guy hun.

    If you have partners (If your in school) ask him,or just talk with him whenever you can hang with his friends to.

    If he is upset or mad be there for him. IF he did something wrong deary I suggest you not deal with it. Tell him he'll be ok but leave the siution. Better not to get into it/

    Girls get emotional maturity earlier than guys so he might not be getting the signs.

    If theres a dance ask him if he's going and say something like "Well would you want to go with me maybe & just hang out?"

    The rest is up to you and him,text him,leave him notes (NOT SIGNED) just be cool. Guys will NOT say to you Hey were going out now were BF and GF NOooooo deary they will hold your hand or "Show You Off" (That makes you feel great hun) and ask u on dates. A little while on you can ask (but you have to ask incentonly) "Are we..you know...um..you know" And he should get the hint.

    DON'T OBBSESSE!!! If he really doesn't like you hun..I'm sorry D:
    You are beautiful in every single way. Beauty hurts girls. To get your hair done..,it can hurt. But sometimes..more than less your beautiful just the way you are. Don't be put down by the dummies who tell you other than that. They don't feel beautiful on the inside.
    • Do great measures to make sure you look your best..always!
    • Never let ANYONE put you down.
    • Always feel beutiful on the inside..if you don't how can you be on the outside?
    • Smile.

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    Thanks Nikki!

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    maybe you could try telling him what you feel... but you have to be prepared for any answer. Maybe that would let your anxiety go and move on other stage! =)
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    Thanks Piquina_desu! I think I just might!

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