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    Red face i'm new and wanna make friends

    if you are a fan of kids mysteries, animals, or books, then you can be my friend!
    my name ish Fiona

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    Nice 2 meet u does reading mags count? LOL

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    Mermaid efairyofthesea@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    UK (a bit confused)
    HIya Fiona, I love books!!!!
    ~You've to take your life how it comes. Your life, it's only one.
    Twins with: santa123fawr (MeSpirit/Mel)

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    Hey my name is simini, I want to be your friend

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    Hey I'm 13 and I'm a new band called just a little journey check me out on utube if y'all lik my music tell me pleez

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