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    Lightbulb Username Reservation.

    I'm wondering if we can do a username reservation here for the forums incase they ever allow us to have our own instead of the Emails.
    In case the moderators allow this or something we can make a list and if someone uses our reserved username we could report them (seems a little mean).

    Here's my reserved username: Victorsaurus

    This might just give idea for other to steal our username
    or maybe it's better not to do this...you decide.

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    If we do get user names instead of our emails (and I hope we will), those of us with really unusual names (like yours or mine- which will probably end up being "Tacitala" not "Aunt Dotti" this time) shouldn't have to worry that much. It'll get tricky for people wanting to have something that might be more popular (I'm thinking anything with "kitty" in it).

    Having a reservation list is probably going to depend on how long it will be (if at all) before we get user names. If it's going to be relatively quickly, we shouldn't have to worry. But if it looks like it might be a while, a list might be a good idea.

    As for taking the user name someone else wanted, I don't think anyone would do it on purpose to those of us with unusual names. But if there are multiple people wanting one name... it will come down to who changes their name first. A list would be on a purely honor system. There's no way it could be enforced... but like I said, I think most people here will be good about it. Of course, one way to "claim" your name is to make a custom signature, using the name you want to go by, either as a graphic or in text (which I've been meaning to get to...).

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