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    To be in peace. It is so important now that I do not even care if I am happy after that happens, I just want to be in peace and that only could happen if my parents are completely out of my life. They were always horrible parents but shortly after we moved on November 9 2009 they turned into psychopaths. They started by stealing my savings (they did gave it back but only because our house was set on fire and we got a lot of insurance money - without the people or persons who set our house on fire they would of never been able to pay me back) then they almost ruin my credit by paying a bill in my name late for more than one year and they are slowly killing my soul by doing everything they can to push my buttons. Every day since then has been a hell for me. If it weren't for Michael Schumacher coming back for three years in Formula One and the Dallas Stars I would be dead right now. Where we moved to I hated that place so it was worst there, here I love it so at least I am living in a nice place. Right now I am just trying to get back on my feet which is very hard because it feels like they have killed my soul. I will always be affected by what they have done to me since my birth but at least away from them they could not do anything new to me!
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    To be happy and satisfied with my life.
    Hello! On Hello Kitty Online, I'm AnastasiaKiwi10 on the US/Canada server Magical and Ichigogo on the International server Wonderful. I play often, and I hope to see you around! ^^

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