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    How do I apply 3D nail art?

    I just bought these really cute Hello Kitty 3D nail art set that is titled "Hello Kitty Nail Decoration Set". It's not the ones with the fake nails that are pre-designed, they're the ones that come loose so you can put them in any way you like. However, I have no idea how to apply them on without them falling off. I have a 3 in 1 Manicure Sealer from Brucci (it's a brand of nail polish that are often found in drugstores) and the bottle says that it can be used as a bonder/sealer for nail art decals and jewels. Although it does include small rhinestones, I'm not sure if the other pieces such as the Hello Kitty heads will stay on. By the way, I don't believe in wearing fake nails because I know that putting nail glue on is not good for natural nails. I understand there may be some of you out there who will say I should be more open about fake nails, but if possible, can I really put them on natural painted nails that can last at least for about a week or so?

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    I thnk u shuld go on UTube becuz they teach u how 2 do it! I've seen da Hellokitty 3D it looks totes adorbs!!!

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    Usually general nail care requires the basic "base coat" which helps prevent discoloration of the nail from the actual nail polish. The choice color of nail polish. Then after that you can apply any decoration piece using "nail glue." The nail glue will be attached to the nail polish so you don't have to worry about direct damage on the nail. I usually use nail glue to attach bigger pieces like the Hello Kitty piece. However for rhinestones it's actually easier using a really good clear nail polish, which after you are done you use it as a top coat.

    And don't worry about not liking fake nails. It is bad for your nails but usually it's only a good thing when you needs your nails done in a short amount of time. Anyways have fun! Nail art is always fun to do

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    @*Pinkalicous*: I've tried looking at You Tube and Goggling it, but I either found websites that talks about it or sold them. When I do find a tutorial, say, at You Tube, it's usually about putting on the pre-decorated fake nails. I did, however, find one from bubzbeauty, but the pieces she used were flater and smaller. However, it was still very informative and very cute! I'll consider using the info from the video she did for those kind of decorations. When I found tutorials on other sites, its usually about applying nail art stickers and rhinestones and 3D acrylic nail art. Maybe there are other resources out there that are more revelent, but I did what I could research wise. Thanks for the suggestion, though! I at least found other nail art insperation I may use in the future!

    @ hyperlitenshi:OK, thanks, I'll try it. But how do I make sure they don't come off when I do things like washing my hair or whatever without losing them? Also, how do I take them off? I've never used nail glue in my life and I want to be careful with it. Thanks again!

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    I love to do 3D nail art, so I'll give you some of my tips! To use the glue, squeeze a dot of the glue on the bottom of the deco piece, place it on top of the nail and press it down and hold it there for 30 seconds to make sure it sticks. Make sure you're gluing onto painted nails and not directly on the nail. Like hyperlitenshi said, you can always use a dot of clear nail polish for the smaller ones and it will work as well. The larger pieces like the Hello Kitty head are best to use on the thumbs and ring fingers; they'll be less likely to come off on those nails. When you're all done, put one layer of top coat or clear polish over the nails and you're done!

    They also come off easily when I use nail polish remover. Don't try to rip them off. Just rub a cotton ball with nail polish remover on it on the nail in a circular motion with a little bit of pressure and the gems should loosen up and slide right off. If they don't, you can gently pull them off with tweezers. It may take a while, but the key is to be patient~ :3
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