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    Cherrim, Umbreon, Vulpix, and Jigglypuff

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    I love Torchic, Emolga and Marill.

    Some other Pokémon I like: Minccino, Corsola, Chatot, Pachirisu, Togekiss, Shaymin, Castform.

    I like the designs of Tyrantrum, Cresselia, Giratina, Lumineon, Lickilicky, Glaceon, Leafeon.

    I like Staraptor and Yanmega mainly because I used to have them on my team when Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out. I was lucky to get a shiny Yanma on FireRed completely by chance and it became that Yanmega, although it sadly had the Lonely nature so it doesn't excel in Special Attack as much as it could.
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