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    I'd recommend spyro for the ps1, a lot of those old platformers for the ps1 are great. I recently played skullmonkeys and it was GREAT

    I have a younger sister with whom I played videogames with. She recently passed, since I'm japanese-american, her name was kana. She was more into VNs though.
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    I recommend Sengoku Rance. Very innovative gameplay and an incredible storyline.

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    Try Jumpstart! It's free, fun, and Educational. So your daughter will be learning while having fun!

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    Your sister should try Webkinz. It's fun and educational! It's not free to play, so you might want to check here on how to sign up.

    Have fun on Webkinz!

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    I would recommend Bearville. It is free, fun, and very interactive. Also, I would promote Animal Jam. Both are wonderful, and have no quests whatsoever.
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    You should try Club Penguin =)
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    I would recommend either Bearville or Club Penguin, but slightly more for Bearville since she's only 5. People on Club Penguin can be inappropriate at times and is meant for 7 and up, while Bearville has their own dictionary of "suitable" words and censors anything that goes away from that. BUT! Bearville sometimes nags you if you don't register your Build-A-Bear. But you can still play even if you don't have a plush.

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    Moshi Monsters. I can not praise Moshi enough.

    Moshi Monsters is an educational social and gaming website meant for the younger kids. Above all, it is the safest thing I have found for kids when it comes to dealing with each other and not falling victim to the things we most fear them finding on the internet.

    It's free to play, most games are educational, in fact there are very few just for fun. They put an emphasis on learning and do it in a very fun way (heck I'm an adult and I love the games).

    They also teach responsibility because you need to take care of your pet.

    The only quests you have to do earn you little cirtters called "Moshlings" like pets for your monsters much like pet-pets in Neopets. The quests themselves are made to be fun, they only ever require talking to a character, playing a little mini game, and/or searching for clues that you can find directly on the screen in front of you.

    The dialogue is adorable and even very funny at times. The world is vibrant, lively, and positive.

    Like I said they gear it towards the young ones. It's browser based, free to play with optional paid content and the paid content is all monthly member based. Cards can be picked up in most local markets and a one month subscription is 6 dollars, it's cheaper if you buy one for longer. There's a ton of merchandise if she ends up liking it.

    It's ever growing and changing as well there's never a month without something going on for the kids.

    Aside from that, they have games for the 3ds as well. lol

    For 3ds though, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is pretty great and it lets you have up to 4 characters on one game in one town so you can both play on the same game and send each other gifts, letters, all sorts of stuff. =D

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    Hello~! My name is Modisette. I'm 20 years old, and I have a 5 year old sister who is really taking to computers and gaming. I'm trying to find some games she can play. She loves online games where she can play with other kids, but nothing too in-depth and involved (lots of quests, too much of a detailed storyline for her to stay focused). We have a free ToonTown account, and she really enjoys that. She likes mini-games on this site. So, maybe stuff like that. Also, we have a Wii and 3DS. Games for those would be great, too. Browser based games for the computer would be best.

    Thanks for your time!
    Your sister should try jump start virtual world, it has tons of mini games and isnt to in depth with quest. It's also browser based!
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    Steam is a fantastic way to get cheap games and there is a sale on now too.

    Some good games that fit what you have described.

    -Recettear: Lighthearted, the story basically being your dad ran off and left you with a shop to look after...and that's it! You sell Items to make money, and you use the items and money to go on dungeon adventures too. It's very cute and super simple and also very cheap. I love this game and have played it for AGES.

    -Animal crossing:
    As a 3ds game, I reccommend it. New leaf is the best, but unfortunately getting public works projects in this is nothing short of a massive pain in the bottom. However, the game itself is very fun. It's nice, relaxing, gives you a little something to do in the everyday. There's no story or long quests, just go fishing, water flowers, talk to townspeople, dress up, create your own clothes...and you can play with other kids. It's nintendo too, so it's completely safe. So I think this would be a perfect match.

    -Pokemon: Pretty much no-one would play these games for the story. Grab her an old pokemon Ds game as it will be cheaper, more people ar elikely to have it, and it's pretty fun. Though x and Y has more minigames. It's cute and something she can pick up from time to time, with lots of cute animals and easy game mechanics. She can also battle against her friends who would have pokemon, too, and you can trade them and do all sorts of things.

    -Dress to play, Cute witches!- An Eshop game. You basically fly through the air and collect as many stars as you can while avoiding obstacles. You also get a little dress up game with it. It's cute, super easy and super simple. No story, and very cheap on the Eshop!

    This is just to give you a few Ideas. If you want anymore, you need only ask! Cute games like this are usually my favourite so I have long long long lists of them.
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