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    I <3 the collar necklace trend, but is it still in style?

    I've been wanting one for the longest! But I haven't been finding any in my area that sells them at a resonable price, let alone any at all...(well, I saw one at a Clair's once, but it was all made out of fake pearls; cute but not what I was looking for). That's why I've decided to DIY my own by searching for sites and videos that shows how to do so. However, it's been a while and I'm not sure it's still in style. Anyone knows?

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    Okay, so this past Fall there were magazines and TV programs that said that they are still in style, but since it's Spring now, I have no clue. For those of you who saw my recent thread asking the same thing but for this season and wanted to know the answer too, I'm sorry.

    Whomever is in charge of locking or stopping forums, can you just stop this perticular one instead of the one for this Spring since it's pretty much the same subject except that it was about it being in during the Fall? I forgot I wrote one in the past so I did another one without realizing it.

    Since it's been a while and I only had some views and no answers whatsoever, I can assume no one here knows either. However, If there is anyone out there who does know, please answer on the other forum about colar necklaces for Spring. Thank you!

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