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    Exclamation Bad Bangs Haircut! Need Advice Fast!

    Yesterday I went to cut my hair and I wanted to cut my bangs. So when I got there I told the lady that was going to cut my hair how long I wanted my bangs, how long I wanted my hair, and everything else. So she cut my hair first, it wasn't so bad, but when she started to cut my bangs she cut them wrong and she cut them too short! They're above my eyebrows and she didn't even cut them like I told her to cut them, they looked like a hairstyle from the 70's! Then I went to another place to get my bangs fixed and she cut my hair and made it a little less puffy (Hurray! ) then she cut my bangs, they were longer but they're still above my eyebrows. I look horrible! But the worst part is that I'm doing my First Communion on Saturday, June 23, and they're making this big celebration and my bangs make me look bad! I tried moving them to the side but they still look too short! Yesterday when I was going home people even laughed at me and they thought I didn't notice. What should I do? How can I make them grow faster? or how can I make them look longer?

    http://blog.sanriotown.com/londonluv86:hellokitty.com - posted some pictures of how it kinda looks like
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    Unfortunately, there's not much that you can do about your bangs.

    I say you buy cute hair clips like these ones:

    And do like a "flower crown" kind ok like this:

    But, you know, all around your face parting from the middle.

    Hope this helps!
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    You could try pushing them too the one side of your face, that might look good. You could also try pinning them up and or back combing it into a bump. If there long enough and yoo can french braid, you could try parting your hair to the side and french brading your bangs. Try expirementing with a ton of syles. I'm shure you willl find somthing that looks good.
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    You can do a side parting and straiten it?

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    Maybe u could use a krimper on ur bangs.
    Or get a stylish hat and style them under the hat.

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    how bout this (I can't really explain this but I'll try) so
    |||=you bangs

    \\\= the bangs you wanted
    || || (part them then fold them)
    so they kinda look like // \\, \\\\, or ////...you could always use hairgel...

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    Wink Seventeen.com!

    You know,my mom cut my bangs very well,but I have an idea or two!http://www.seventeen.com/beauty/tips...ain_sr#slide-1 this is what I use now that i know how to cut them on my own! hope it helps! bye! It helped me!

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