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Thread: Hallo!

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    Hallo! I speak German, and I live in Germany. I speak English, too.

    I would like to meet people that speak German! Also English people too ;3

    Warning: Sometimes I might speak German...

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    Hi nice 2 meet u. Welcome 2 SanrioTown!!! XOXO <3

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    UK (a bit confused)
    Hiya!!! I'm trying to learn German. Maybe you can teach me? (I self-study...)

    Anyway, sanrio here is very friendly so I'm sure you'll meet lots of new friends around here!
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    Hi! I'm newbie writing from university in Japan.

    I like kitty. I would like to speak friend here.

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    Welcome to SanrioTown!

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    Oh hallo, Crysperiouz.

    I'm an american teenager who is currently taking german classes! Too bad grammar can be really crazy.

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