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    There are some songs and artists that are just too sweet and classy, it's impossible to resist adding them to my collection:


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    Love this song by Olivia.


    I'm feeling trinka trinka
    It's really happening
    My heart is beating steady
    But I want to scream!

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    They apparently don't become much bigger (and more cliched) than Ayumi Hamasaki. I wasn't previously a fan, but this song and her sheer diversity on Rock and Roll Circus prompted me to buy that album.

    I do like a Japanese melody, but I tend to prefer it is played on traditional instruments not predominantly sung. I prefer vocals to accompany the tune not be the almost total focus of it. EDIT: Sometimes it takes me a while to fully disect a song. Yes, I do like what they do with instrumentation in this. But I'd prefer there was less emphasis on the orchestral aspect, which merely supplements her voice.
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