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    There are some songs and artists that are just too sweet and classy, it's impossible to resist adding them to my collection:


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    Love this song by Olivia.


    I'm feeling trinka trinka
    It's really happening
    My heart is beating steady
    But I want to scream!

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    They apparently don't become much bigger (and more cliched) than Ayumi Hamasaki. I wasn't previously a fan, but this song and her sheer diversity on Rock and Roll Circus prompted me to buy that album.

    I do like a Japanese melody, but I tend to prefer it is played on traditional instruments not predominantly sung. I prefer vocals to accompany the tune not be the almost total focus of it. EDIT: Sometimes it takes me a while to fully disect a song. Yes, I do like what they do with instrumentation in this. But I'd prefer there was less emphasis on the orchestral aspect, which merely supplements her voice.
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    This was enjoyable. Don't know the original song, but half of the backing music is ripped off from another song. I've been going through my Girl Group songs prior to 1980 to try and find the source of it. It provided an enjoyable listening experience, but haven't identified it yet.

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    My first PowerDirector video. A tribute to Sophie Ellis-Bextor. A demo so far, have plans to improve it. I'd like to do a series of these if it doesn't upset the copyright owners. Actually, I just realized Sophie released better versions of some of the clips so I definitely will be removing, fixing it and reuploading. Can get a much better clip of Murder on the Dance Floor after removing the black bars (I'm a big fan of keeping everything to as close to their original aspect ratio as well, hence these videos are in multiple aspect ratios, often deformed but I'm not going to add to that by cropping or stretching things).

    I Got the Wherewithal actual came before A Pessimist is Never Disappointed, but I like this order so I'll keep it at the album date of 1998 I think.

    She's got a funny pointed nose in that still. Hmm. :/
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    I was feeling pretty nostalgic abot the whole seapunk vibe:

    That's still the only song that's my jam from the movement, there's not very many electro songs I like.
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    Two slideshows I done of Nino Rota's music a long, long time ago (over 9 years ago; I'm surprised it was only 9 years ago, hmm):

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    Finally listened to the new Enigma album yesterday (bought it months ago and it had already been out for at least months). I love that group, they have musical music for me that can transport me somewhere else and give me energy too. The new album is different (never been disappointed with 1 of their albums and was not with this 1), it has their old sounds with new sounds and also new singers. The best song is Amen, that song is truly amazing, I could not stop listening to it after I was done listening to the whole album! It is also different from all their songs including the ones I prefer, this song in addition of bringing me to another place gave me strength, it is like I can get out of my situation and have a wonderful life after.

    If someone reading this have not heard Amen I recommend it even if you hate or dislike Enigma, I guarantee that you will love that song!
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