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    1927 - Compulsory Hero

    Bog-standard video that somehow won Australian awards... Like the way the song ends on the guitar. Not necessarily because it's good, but because it's a bit different.
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    Finally got the Momoiro Clover Z album with Mirai Bowl on it in its special edition plus DVD. Glad I wasn't continually bid against, I was ready to pay more but got it for a good price. I have previously posted the awesomely cute dance video, so I'll post the mv this time instead.

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    It's always funny hearing hypocrisy:

    ďI was told by my publishers that Cher heard my version and she doesnít like my new lyrics. She thinks itís too overtly sexual. But the original writers were happy for me to do that Ė Cher didnít actually write it so she didnít get approval about what happened to the song. Now apparently sheís heard what Iíve done and she doesnít like it.Ē -- Sophie Ellis Bextor

    Cher may look great at 70, but she didn't look great with that g-string (or whatever letter string it is, I lose track) in Turn Back Time which she had no issue with wearing back then. Sorry to say it, but you've got to have a butt for that to look alright.

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