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    Dog-themed games general

    Games about dogs. Games with dogs. Let's see em, friends

    pic related

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    Persona 3, the game is very kawaii

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    Quote Originally Posted by cu_chulainn@hellokitty.com View Post
    I was hoping someone would mention it!

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    Nintendogs is a game with dogs. Not unless you have a soft spot for dogs, you won't enjoy it. I have the Golden Retrievier version and man do I love it. ~Complete winner and cool gal (I never, ever lose!)
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    I played it when I was younger, but it makes my computer slow now

    Nintendogs & Nintendogs + Cats

    I hope I get this game soon

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    I have a nintendogs game on my ds lite, but it's just not as fun to me as taking care of a real dog lol (i have a real dog so i know :P) (you can't even feel a virtual dog's fur, lol)
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