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Thread: Hi! ^^

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    Red face Hi! ^^

    Hello everyone! This is probably the second forum I've ever joined (the first one being for lego.com when I was very little!) and I hope it will be a nice experience!!

    I was born and raised in Japan until I was 10 so I know a little Japanese and Sanrio and Hello Kitty stuff is huge over there! I am a big fan of it as well and have collected several stuffed animals growing up. My family speaks english most though.

    I dont post very often when I come to forums as much as I read, but still I hope to make a good impression. It is so nice to meet you all!!! ^^

    ps, my picture in case you were wondering is of a japanese baseball mascot who is very cute and popular in japan! her name is buffalo bell! I will try and attach a picture sorry if it doesnt work or is too big!!

    edited again! sorry, never mind, please ignore my editing!
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    hello! nice to meet you

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    Hi nice 2 meet u! Awww cute mascot! ^^

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