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Thread: Italian Ice!

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    Italian Ice!

    I got this italian ice from the superstore. Very good. Lemon, blue raspberry, strawberry, and someotherflavor are in it. Have you ever tried Italian ice before? What flavor would be your dream flavor? (If u want 2 buy go 2 Stop&Shop.) Blue raspberry stains ur mouth with blue dye. And dont put them in the freezer too long or they will be ice hard and give u a brain freeze. And dont put them in a notsogood freezer or they will stay liquid and it wont taste right. Then it wuld b syrup! U dont want syrup 4 desert do u? Really good with old cartoons. do these eyes lie?
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    Lime is the very best.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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    I like Cherry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daniel311_2009@hellokitty.com View Post
    I like Cherry.
    I also like cherry/fruit punch.
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    I eat this kind: http://www.phillyswirl.com/images/pr.../swirlcups.jpg I don't know if this counts, but when I searched Italian ice this came up. ^.^
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